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Afroudakis yachting is one of the best companies for yacht charter in Greece and the Mediterranean sea. Afroudakis offers a big variety of luxury charter yachts for rental on his fleet for you to cruise the Mediterranen. Our first priority is for you to have a pleasant experience and that’s the reason we focus on several major factors. We ensure that our team members are kind, helpful and they will provide you with everything you need for your luxury yacht charter.
Every crewed luxury charter yacht is completely equipped clean and nicely preserved providing all the comforts to you, your friends or your family.
Customer needs many times can be different so Afroudakis lets you choose to have a group yacht charter or a private yacht charter cruise. The only thing standing between you and your dreamy yacht cruise is to charter a yacht from us. You may charter a luxury yacht, a sailing yacht a Catamaran, a crewed mega motor yacht or a motorsailer from our luxury fleet.
Charter from us and we guarantee 100% satisfaction for your cruise to our Beautiful Greek Islands (Santorini, Samos, Milos, Zakynthos, Mykonos, Crete, Corfu, Rhodes and many others).

Afroudakis Yachting

Yacht charters in Greece and the Mediterranean. A variety of yachts for charter in Greece are available at the most competitive rates

Choose your luxury motor yacht, or your favourite sailing yacht and cruise the Greek islands and the Mediterranean. Don't miss our last minute yacht special offers!

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Popular Yachts

These are just some of our meticulously chosen yachts for charter in Greece. We always maintain a list of top quality yachts, capable of meeting even the most exclusive demands. For more information, please contact us we will be happy to assist you in selecting the ideal yacht for your yachting holidays!

What we offer

The finest yachts

Browse our collection of our meticulously chosen yachts to find the one that best suits your needs. Our Staff will be happy to assist you in making that choice.

Impeccable crews

The crew of each yacht has been strictly selected based upon experience and social manners. Crew is a very important factor for us when suggesting a Yacht

Value added Services

Our Company can offer you a wide range of value added services designed to meet even your most demanding needs. Please consult us if you have any sort of specific demands.

Competitive prices

Our Company is proud to offer you the best prices in the Yacht Charter market. Along with the superb services that we provide, the success of your yachting holidays is guaranteed!

24/7 Support

You can rest assured that throughout your trip, our Management and Staff are constantly available to take care of any issue that might occur. Direct phone or email contact is available to you 24/7

Professionalism and Discretion

Every charter is being processed to the finest detail, and always with the appropriate discretion that distinguishes our Company and Staff.

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The Yachts that we offer to you are meticulously chosen and manned with the right Crew in order to ensure your total satisfaction throughout your charter
Our wide experience in Yacht Charters is at your service! We provide all our Clients with cutting-edge professional services and complete discretion... All you have to do is enjoy your holidays!
We are available to you any time throughout your charter, eager to resolve any issues that may occur or to fulfill any additional demands that you might have!