Aegean Sea, Greece

Hydra can easily be called the gem of Saronic Gulf.
An island where motorized vehicles are prohibited and all transportation takes place either by water taxis, feet or …mules!
In the middle of the last century, long before other cosmopolitan destinations were discovered (or …created!), Hydra was the epicenter of vacation of all cosmopolitan Athenians and the few foreign tourists. Even today, the visitor can almost feel the glory days of the island that took place just about fifty years ago. Yet still, Hydra is a very popular destination and its port is almost always full of yachts -private and chartered.
The nightlife is very intense with a large variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars scattered all over, from the very seafront to the most inner spot of the historic town.
And speaking about history, Hydra contributed a lot during the Greek revolution against the Turks at the beginning of the 19th century. Many fighters, later renowned as heroes emerged from this tiny island making a significant contribution to the war for independence in 1821. The Historical Museum and the Byzantine Museum which are open to the public daily are among the “must visit” places.
Visitors will most certainly leave Hydra with a whole lot of beautiful memories and a strong desire to return!