Aegean Sea, Greece

An island very near to the Attica coasts, Kea (or Tzia) is very popular among the Yachtsmen as the first destination en route to the Cyclades.
Although not so touristic for the foreigners, still is one of the top holiday options among the Athenians -many of which own properties or holiday houses on the island.
From very early of the season, every weekend Kea is full of visitors -mostly Greeks- that enjoy it as a near-by destination, while it is being rather quiet during weekdays. That, of course, excluding July and August when the island is full of visitors on a daily basis.
There are three beaches which are organized on the island: Koundouros, Gialiskari, and Korissia. The rest are smaller and rather secluded, offering the visitor a quiet day of sea and sun, away from noisy crowds and loud music. Lygia, Spathi beach, Liparo, Kambi, and Otzias are just a few of them!
There’s a moderate nightlife with a few places to go located mainly in Ioulida (the island’s capital), Vourkari and Korissia. That includes some decent dining places and a variety of nice bars and cafes which await the visitors to offer them a chance for an overall relaxing night out.
In the 20th century, Kea tried to develop some industry, but that soon degraded as many of the inhabitants migrated, and now almost its entire economy is based on tourism.




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