Aegean Sea, Greece

Have you ever thought that you could combine the immensity and of an intense nightlife as well as the quietness of a remote beach in one place? Well, in Kos you can, since you are in the right place!
Kos is the third in size island of Dodecanese, following Rhodes and Karpathos and the second island in population following Rhodes. It is the homeland of Hippocrates -the famous ancient doctor, to whose name the modern doctors take their oath.
It is an island full of small villages and charming “private” beaches that will certainly take your breath away!
The fertile soil of the island has blessed the inhabitants for ages with the finest vines, grapes, wheat, fruits, and olives since the very ancient years. During the Byzantine era -and a while later- despite the pirate raids, Kos managed to maintain its wealth over the years.
Nowadays and for a series of years, is one of the most touristic islands of its area. The famous streets of “Nafklirou and Diakonou” are well known for their wild parties, while quiet local tavernas (spread all over the island) await the visitors to offer them a taste of the delicious local cuisine!
The visitor cannot be disappointed in Kos. Given its rich history, it’s natural beauties and its intense nightlife, combined they make it an ideal holidays resort!




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