Aegean Sea, Greece

Located at the eastern coast of Peloposesse, Kyparissi is the unspoiled location where the mount Parnonas embraces the waters of Myrtoo Pelagos.
Its ancient name was “Kyfanda” and one of its the oldest mentions is in the script “Lakonika” written by traveller Pausanias around the second century BC.
In the recent years, Kyparissi is part of the wider administrative area of Monemvasia. There is a variety of local restaurants with excellent quality of food, and a few cafes spread equally along.
One important information for the visitor especially the newcomer, is that in Kyparissi there is no gas-station, drugstore, bank or even ATM… So be prepared!
There are a number of settlements here. The first one that we see is Vrysi -which is probably the oldest too! Here the visitor can see the primary school a historical building that was built in the early 1900’s. Further, there’s the bridge with the grand Oak tree, Paliohora, Aghia Varvara, Mikri Ammos and Megali Ammos, and even further, the visitor will encounter a breathtaking view to the Myrtoo Pelagos sea, and perhaps enjoy a nice dinner in one of the tavernas which are spreaded along the coastline.
The last settlement is Metropolis, where most people make a living from farming and agriculture as Parnonas is famous for it’s thyme honey.