Aegean Sea, Greece

Monemvasia or Monovasia in Greek means “single entry”. And if you look closely, that’s exactly it: one rock in the middle of the sea, connected to land with one thin stripe. Administratively belongs to Lakonia Prefecture.
At first glance, that might mean nothing much. But if you consider the endless history of that “rock” and how its geolocation helped the inhabitants to repel intruders, you will be left nothing less but amazed. The town inside the Monemvasia rock goes back to the medieval ages. It was a prosperous town and therefore often a target for an attack. What saved the inhabitants was that one and only narrow “passage” or entry stripe of land, that allowed them to defend themselves against the enemies and eventually …win each battle!
Nowadays, the town has changed. The mythical medieval “colors” have given way to the modern “touristic” attractions. Well, it may have changed -or actually “adapted itself” to the current time and day, but the visitor will notice immediately the tremendous glory of Monemvasia down in the depth of times… A place which is absolutely worth visiting and spending a day there wandering in the narrow paved streets!
For the modern visitor, Monemvasia also features a “new” town, built along the Peloponesse coastline, which is waiting to welcome you and offer you the best of Greek hospitality!




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