Aegean Sea, Greece

Poros is one of the Argo-Saronic islands. It’s a large port with reasonable shelter from most winds and given its proximity (28nm) from Athens, make it a very popular destination not only among the Yachtsmen but also among the Athenians that frequently adopt it as a weekend -or longer- escape from the city of Athens.
The island is formed by two smaller ones, whose ancient names were Spherea and Calavria (meaning: good aura). While Calavria was bigger, more fertile and with a lot of water, Spherea was mainly a “rock” of volcanic origin.
There is a very narrow channel that separates Poros from the mainland of Peloponesse, and perhaps that easy access was one of the reasons that the island thrived even from the old times.
Poros is also a quite popular place for its nightlife. A number of cafe’s, good quality restaurants and bars are scattered along its coastline, promising the visitors a great deal of entertainment and fun. And that coastline itself which extends along the entire port, is by itself a popular promenade for the visitors who just want to enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and the yachts away from the loudness of the bars.
No matter how you will choose to spend your time, Poros will certainly provide you with many beautiful memories of your visit!




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