Aegean Sea, Greece

Syros is the capital of Cyclades, the famous island complex.
The island’s main town Hermoupolis (town of Hermes) is a very picturesque town with a great history that goes back many centuries.
Hermoupolis’ port is one of the most significant in Greece and serves as a transit port between Piraeus and the rest of the Cyclades islands.
Upon entrering the big bay of Hermoupolis, the visitor will immediately notice those two big churches at the top of the hill right above the town. One is Orthodox and the other is Catholic. In fact, Syros is maybe the only place in Greece where the population is half-Orthodox and half-Catholic, making the island a crossroad for those two religions and the culture that goes with them.
There is a number of beaches worthwile visiting such as Kini, Galissas, Megas Gyalos, Vari, Kini, and Azolimnos.
At the SE lays the small port of Finikas. It was mainly a fishermen’s port, which the last couple of decades has improved its facilities and can accommodate yachts from smaller to medium size providing electricity, water, and supermarket supplies. The fact that is an excellent shelter from the prevailing Meltemi wind has most certainly added to its popularity!
In general, Syros is a must-visit island, with excellent local cuisine and a decent nightlife that will leave you nothing but amazed!




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