Mykonos Yacht Charters

Explore Mykonos and it’s surroundings the elegant way,
aboard one of our exclusive yachts!

Private yachting trips for couples, families or larger groups to the beaches around Mykonos and the adjacent islands.

Mykonos... The world-famous Greek party island with the amazing sandy beaches and the turquoise sea waters!
Here you have numerous options for activities at your disposal... Swimming, dining or clubbing are just a few of them!

How about spicing up your stay and create some loving memories of your visit?
Something out of the ordinary? How about chartering a yacht for a day -or more?
Isn't that different... an exclusive "seascape" in Mykonos full of romance, colors, and mystery!

mykonos yacht charters

We, at Afroudakis Yachting, have set a small fleet of Yachts for every budget, ready to sail you to the magic of Mykonos and the surrounding Cycladic islands...
All you have to do is choose your Yacht, put on your best mood and sail away!

Daily trips usually start at 10:00 in the morning and are scheduled for return at 20:00 (unless otherwise agreed)

Our Yachts are usually located in the new port of Mykonos. However, our Agents will inform you about the embarkation point.

There are many places one can visit such as:
The famous island of Delos birthplace of god Apollo and the well preserved ancient temple.
Rinia, an uninhabited island with secluded beaches and bays ideal for a day of privacy!
Various beaches around Mykonos which are far or unapproachable by land.
Other possible destinations may include: Syros, Tinos, Paros etc.
The itinerary is totally up to you and -of course- the weather.

We have a large variety of Yachts in Mykonos and at a large span of price so that we can practically say that we have a Yacht for every budget!

Different types of Yachts are available to meet your demands to the fullest. You can enjoy the speed and the luxury facilities of a Motor Yacht, you can live a sailor's unconventional adventure on a Sailing Yacht, or combine both aboard one of our exclusive Motor Sailers. We also have a variety of Catamarans that provide ample space, are suitable for larger groups and fit perfectly for lower budgets.


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