Yachting in Greece

In Greece, the country with the thousands of islands, the tens of thousand miles of coastline and the perfect weather, yachting is becoming increasingly popular and of course, goes back many years.

It was in the early 1970's when the first yachts for rent emerged in Greece and didn't take long before yachtsmen discovered Greece, and turned it into the most popular yachting destination in the world.

Many things have changed since those early days.
The yachts for charter evolved through technology, became comfortable, stable and more seaworthy providing the passengers with increasingly more comforts while at sea.
New shipyards have been established, throwing into the market new yacht models of all types and sizes that cover any budget or preference. And all these happened while prices dropped simultaneously due to the modernization of the production techniques -as it happened of course in nearly all sectors of modern industry.

But the most important evolution happened to Greece itself.
Each area/island evolved at a different pace according to the actual touristic popularity each one of those destinations had.
The Greek islands became more organized and improved their infrastructures in order to accept more people and provide better services.
The facilities got modernized and marinas were built on some islands, while on others the ports were enlarged and improved.

Almost 50 years later, we can safely say that Greece has been established as one of the major yachting destinations worldwide.
With more than 2000 islands (from bigger and popular to barren rocky islets), with more than 10.000 miles of coastline, with the world famous sun and it's unique mild weather that can not be found in any other places, Greece -not surprisingly- is considered to be a paradise for yachting!

Every year millions of people decide to spend their holidays sailing in Greece and the Greek islands.
From world-famous celebrities to private yachtsmen, and most importantly the people who decide to charter (rent) a yacht and spend their holidays sailing from island to island. 
And that is the type of holidays that gains more and more fans every year. It does so simply because the price tag for renting a yacht has been lowered over the years, as the available yachts became more. Nowadays it can easily compare to the price tag of a static hotel, yet offering the magic of sailing and discovering different islands!

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